The 1960’s saw the birth of the flavour of Mac Spice, as one of our founder’s family members created this spice to add a bit of personality to her favourite foods.

Today, the beloved spice has a new face, with the same taste since the first day it was blended.
This secret family recipe has been handed down and used amongst friends and family members to enjoy with their food and braai’s.

In the mid 1990’s the family decided to bottle the spice and create a fun, proudly South African label to share the great taste of mac spice as gifts around Christmases and birthdays. This however turned out be a big hit and the demand for the spice started rising.

In 2019 John & Robyn decided to start marketing Mac Spice to the local market and it became an overnight success, with the eye-catching packaging and the amazing flavour that this all round spice has to offer.

What started off with just a 100ml pot of The Original Mac Spice, ended up to become a range of Original and Hot spice, in 250g and 1kg packaging.



    As a small town farm girl by heart, The Boss knows how to do everything with almost nothing. Coming from a Hospitality and then Graphic Design background, she has taken the company to new heights with creative new packaging and her undying love for food and service! She runs around all day doing everything Mac Spice, from web development, social media managemnt and everything in between.



    The Cape Town boytjie and founder of our amazing flavour! John loves to talk, but loves talking Mac Spice even more. With his biggest passion in life being Mac Spice, there's no better sales person than John.

    If he can't convince you to try our spice, no one can!

    John has been in the production industry for most of his life and he always makes sure to keep our lines running.



    If you look up the word 'business' in the dictionary, you'll probably find a photo of Kevin.

    He is our most proffesional team member and is incharge of our business development.

    Nothing slips by Kevin, he remembers every date, price and ingredient and he knows a good deal when he sees one.

    As a complete Foodie, he is Mac Spice's biggest fan!